Complete Guide on Buying a Used Car in the United States

Marjorie Baker/ June 15, 2021/ Auto

Many new cars are being produced every day. However, many people in the United States tend to buy a used car. Learn more about it at Among many types of used cars purchased, Toyota Tacoma is the most popular used car to buy in 2021. Along with that, Ford F-150 is another truck from Ford that is so popular. This is because of the durability of their engines and their everlasting looks. Now, if you are interested or planning on buying a used car, this guide is for you.

Used Car Buying Guide

Having a simple checklist for buying a used car can save you from making a costly mistake. I’ve put together a used car buying checklist for you and made it incredibly easy to follow. Print out this checklist and take it with you when you go to buy your used car. This can give you an informed assessment of the car and keep you from making a costly mistake. It will also help you set a reasonable price when you buy your next used car.

Common First Mistake When Buying a Used Car

I see this all the time. They push it down the road for about ten minutes and then drive it back to the dealership or wherever. This can be a mistake. Since you are making one of the biggest purchases of your life, you want to push the vehicle for a fantastic half-hour or so. Some transmission problems don’t occur until the transmission is warm, so push it on the road and around town. Run some errands or even something like a standard model for you. You want to evaluate the vehicle; you need to examine it as if you already have it.

Look at the tires and the overall condition of the vehicle. Sometimes you can’t find the inside of the tires, so it’s a good idea to get down on your knees to check them out. Look for leaks or puddles under the car; if there are obvious leaks, point them out and ask for information. Another article describes the types of fluids that can come out of a car and what they mean.

How to Test Drive and Properly Check a Used Car

Used Car Buying GuideYou’ve had a look, and now it’s time to try it out. As you drive, get out on the road and listen to how the car performs. Evaluate your heating and air conditioning – do this at the extreme ends of this spectrum, especially air conditioning. Ensure the air purifier is producing fresh air and listening for the air conditioning compressor to turn on. Check your furnace’s fan motor: run it in all gears and listen for sounds. Smell the air coming out of the furnace vents: sometimes bugs can get trapped in the fan, causing loud noises and unpleasant smells.

Stop and evaluate the operation of everything that turns off and on in the car: power mirrors, sunroof, power sliding doors, power locks and all windows that open and close (manual and electric), interior lights, clock lights, instrument lights (such as the instrument cluster), shift lights, power outlets, wipers, turn signals, power chairs, seat heaters, steering wheel heaters, horn, cup holder doors, glove box and anything else that is in front. This is a good time to discover things that are broken or not working. Open the back. Look in the spare tire well for almost any puddle of water. Smell for a musty odor; this could be a sign of water flow, or it could simply be the fermentation of a person’s gym bag. Water intrusion into the trunk is common and is often caused by damage to the rear end or drainage from taillight seals.

History of the Car

Finding out the background of the car you want to buy is half the battle. If it’s been in a major accident, the chances are that things big and small have been scrambled rather than satisfactorily repaired. Most dealerships will have the CARFAX report if the vehicle is worth buying; it will tell you if the car has been in flood, has been salvaged, has had multiple owners, or has had “major damage” (although the damage doesn’t always turn out to be major). If you can’t get a CARFAX from the dealer, you can look it up yourself. If you’ve looked at the car and the price is right, but you want a little more information before you buy it, take the vehicle to a reputable store to have it looked at. It may cost $100, but it is well worth the money you invest.

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