Basic Car Maintenance Tips Before Going on a Stag Do Trip

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Everyone dreams of having our car, whether it’s a simple car or maybe a sports car. Owning a car sounds great because it brings us benefits, relaxation and pleasure, but owning a car means an extra responsibility. If you are thinking about some stag do ideas, you should not forget to prepare your car by giving basic maintenance to your car. Every driver must learn to take proper care of it, from basic maintenance to simple problem solving, especially before going on a regular trip or even a stag do trip. It would help if you learned to maintain your car so that it is always in good working order and can last for a long time.


Take a Look at the Engine Oil Level

Evaluating the amount of oil in your engine is now the most important thing you should consider before driving your car or traveling to distant countries. The car engine has many moving parts that require a high level of lubrication to protect them from premature wear. There are two types of engines. The first one is a single-range engine, which is an ordinary engine. The second one is a multi-range engine, which is an engine with a special composition and additives that protect your engine and give you more mileage before you get to the gasoline.

Check the Level of Engine Coolant

carBefore creating your position, it would be much better to look at the coolant level to protect yourself from high-temperature problems that could cause the engine to overheat. When your car starts, the engine’s combustion process takes place, reaching thousands of points, especially in the combustion chamber, and then the engine runs. The radiator passes through the coolant compartment inside the engine and removes some of the heat. Passing through the various coolant or water chambers, it returns from the radiator and completes the vehicle’s cooling system. This is a combination of normal tap water and specially formulated coolant that protects the radiator from the so-called ‚Äúscale” that can damage or clog it.

See Your Car Gauges

Start the engine and stop the turbo offer; after starting the key you will notice that it reaches 24V, but once you start the engine, it can rise from 24 to 28 volts, or maybe there is something wrong with the battery or alternator. The fuel estimate will give you a sense if you already need to refuel or there is enough fuel for the entire trip. It’s a challenge to get stuck in the middle of the road just because you haven’t noticed that your fuel estimate is almost empty. When you start the engine, the oil pressure drops automatically. Still, once the engine heats up, it can automatically return to its normal level, indicating that the car is in good shape. The thermometer indicates the heat of your engine. The usual engine temperature is only half the reading on a flat area, but the usual temperature reaches 3/4 of the reading when you reach an inclined plane.

Make Sure Other Electrical System and Other Essential Parts in a Good Condition

Evaluate your electrical system and find out that all the important lights, such as the spirit, the signal, and the park lights, work properly. This is to avoid car accidents and to prevent further damage to your car or truck. Tire evaluation can be important before you go on a trip. A car battery life usually depends on how often the owner uses the vehicle and the road on which it is normally driven. Always replace the battery when necessary to avoid further damage to the engine. Ensure that the brake fluid is still sufficient and that the brakes are working to avoid injury.

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