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For unprecedented performance in bioanalysis, the Dynaxi breakthrough detection technology gives you multiplexed, highly sensitive and reliable immunoassays.
It provides protein profiles in scarce samples and detects low-abundance biomarkers.
BSI Assurance Mark ISO 9001 Red redimmensionné

Ultra-high sensitivity

The Dynaxi technology allows extremely low amounts of targets in a sample to be monitored, at a level never reached so far on a chip device. Use of the Dynaxi system makes it possible to detect and monitor femtograms/ml of targets allowing close monitoring of low concentration biomarkers. It also permits the use of low volumes of samples, from small animals or biobanks…



Efficient multiplexing

More biomarkers are discovered every year and the ability to measure numerous molecules from one sample is becoming a key feature.
The Dynaxi system responds to this increasing need as it offers a genuinely multiplex device, allowing the follow-up of 25 different analytes at the same time.
Biosims solutions range from supplying instruments and assay kits to prototyping of custom assays.



Easy to use
The Dynaxi technology is easy to use. Very similar to classic immunoassays, you can integrate it in your lab and rapidly enjoy it !
Everything you need to undertake your ultra-highly sensitive analysis is provided with the Dynaxi detection platform, its software and kits.
Dynaxi is also very versatile as you may use catalogue kits or ask us to develop and/or manufacture your own custom assays.

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